If you’re looking for a fresh design idea for your kids’ bedrooms, or you’re bored with a wall in your kitchen or laundry room, consider painting an entire wall or section of a wall (framed with trim) with magnetic chalkboard paint.  By combining two specialty paints available in most paint stores, an erasable, durable and magnetized wall can be created in your home.

Magnetic paint primer is a mixed blend of primer and iron shavings which provides the magnetized paint base that will hold magnetic letters, decorative magnets, picture frames, etc.  Add chalkboard paint and you have a wall surface for your kids to purposefully draw on and decorate, or a surface that serves as command central in your kitchen.

Magnetic primer is gray in color and typically requires at least two coats to adequately cover the wall with a thick enough layer to securely hold magnets.  Chalkboard paint is available in a variety of colors and application of two coats is needed to achieve the desired surface.  This design idea is fun, functional, and it will refresh your living space!