Garage Floor Finishes

Interior Concrete Floor Finishes: Garage Floor Finishes

Garage Floor FinishesHave you dreamed about an upscale garage floor finish but think it may be an extravagance? Think again … restoring and treating your garage floor with a polyaspartic coating system or garage floor epoxy  will enhance and protect it for many years. You will have car storage you can be proud of and a garage floor that is so easy to take care of and maintain.

Polyaspartic systems are a new generation of industrial strength coating materials available to today’s homeowners. Once installed on a properly prepared surface, a polyaspartic system provides impact, wear, and heat resistance. It’s a great solution for high foot and vehicular traffic areas which are subject to climate extremes and other environmental conditions. For more commercial applications consider a urethane cement floor which is another high performance flooring system.

A polyaspartic coating system has many advantages:

  • It cures fast – you can be driving on your garage floor within 24 hours after installation.
  • It can be installed at temperatures as low as -30F and as high as 140F, which means you won’t have to wait until mild weather to have a new garage floor.
  • It can tolerate temperatures as high as 300 degrees F.
  • It is high impact, chemical, and abrasion resistant. It also resists fat and oil penetration.
  • It protects your concrete from mild acids, too.
  • It hides minor imperfections in the concrete slab.
  • It has excellent color and gloss retention characteristics.

Polyaspartic systems are available in solid color, light or full broadcast quartz-chip systems. View chip color card (pdf).