Fall can be a time for attending to those last minute “around the house” outside maintenance chores before winter hits.  Repairing cracks in your concrete is one chore that should be moved to the top of your list.  Homeowners generally don’t think about maintaining their concrete … after all it’s concrete!  However, time spent repairing cracks in concrete could save you hundreds even thousands of dollars down the road and can extend the life of your concrete.

There are many reasons why concrete cracks – inadequate sub-grade compaction, frost heave, lack of proper control joints, etc.  Once cracks appear in your concrete and the surface is compromised, water can penetrate into your slab.  Then along comes winter … the water in the slab expands and contracts with freeze/thaw cycles.  This continual, sometimes daily, process causes pressure on the slab which is eventually relieved by the concrete cracking.  Left unattended, the problem will only get worse and can lead to eventual degradation of the concrete slab.

Your concrete will crack … that’s a guarantee.  But if you’re vigilant about proper and timely maintenance, it can last a lifetime.