Repair / Restoration

Concrete Repair, Restoration, and Maintenance

Concrete Crack Sealer Damaged concrete is a problem most homeowners and commercial property owners want to avoid dealing with altogether, however, to do so just exacerbates the problem and leads to more expense down the road. If left untreated and not regularly maintained, concrete and decorative concrete will crack, flake, and show signs of pitting and spalling. Concrete repair and restoration is needed on concrete that is left untreated and not regularly maintained concrete and decorative concrete as it will crack, flake, and show signs of pitting and spalling.

Once open to moisture penetration, the concrete slab will be subject to freeze-thaw damage and rapid structural degradation. All points for potential moisture penetration (cracks, pitted and spalled areas) must be filled with an appropriate filler, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned, recolored and textured if necessary, and then resealed with an appropriate sealer. Shades of Color provides a variety of concrete repair and restoration services as well as maintenance programs to help keep your concrete looking its best while adding to its longevity. Please call us for more information