Stamped Concrete Repair and Restoration

Stamped Concrete Resurfacing, Repair & Restoration

Stamped Concrete Repair and RestorationStamped concrete requires routine maintenance, the frequency of which depends upon weather conditions, type and amount of traffic to which it is exposed, and if it has been properly and regularly maintained since installation. If stamped concrete looks dull, faded, or is chipped, it’s time for some maintenance.

The process and expense to restore and repair stamped concrete depends on how the color of the stamped concrete was incorporated into the original concrete pour. If colored pigment was integrally mixed into the concrete at the time of the pour, stamped concrete can usually be brought back to life by simply cleaning and sealing the surface. On the other hand, if the color was applied and troweled into the top layer using a color hardener and the color is chipping off, the fix is a more involved process.

How do you determine if your stamped concrete was colored “integrally” or a color hardener was used?

Apply water to the surface of the stamped concrete – if it comes back to life and looks like it did when it was installed, most likely it is integrally colored stamped concrete. If there are chips in the surface where the color has worn off, it was probably colored with a color hardener at the time of the pour.

Once stamped concrete is restored and looks like it did when it was brand new, the simplest way to maintain stamped concrete and to keep it looking great is to properly clean and seal it at the first sign of sealer deterioration. And, in the process, it will add to the life of the concrete.