Exterior – Stains and Color

Exterior Concrete Finishes and Applications: Stains and Color

Solid Color Concrete Stains

Exterior concrete stains and colors examples

If you’re looking for colored concrete or concrete stain to complement the hardscape and landscape features of your home, or your concrete has minor damage and you want to cover unsightly repairs with a solid color, consider penetrating solid color concrete stains. They are an excellent choice for mildly damaged, splotchy or stained concrete because they don’t change the underlying substrate texture and they don’t wear off except as the surface itself wears. They are also a great alternative for those who want more than just gray concrete, but don’t want a heavily patterned or textured finish.

Concrete stains come in many colors and can be applied as a solid color or multi-colored to create a mottled and variegated appearance.

Semi-Transparent Concrete Stains

This stain product penetrates the concrete surface and color pigment is deposited into the open pores of the concrete. Combining several colors of this stain on concrete gives the appearance of what is commonly referred to as “acid staining” without the harmful effects of the acid staining process.

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