Concrete is becoming a popular option as an interior flooring choice for homeowners who are looking for style, longevity, customized, and healthy alternatives.

  • There are no limits to color and design because of the unique nature of concrete and a variety of coloring and finishing techniques.
  • Not many flooring materials have the longevity of concrete – carpeting, wood and tile floors eventually have to be replaced, which is a hassle, costs money and adds to landfills.
  • Concrete is an excellent alternative for people who have dust mite or animal dander allergies.
  • Because concrete is an inorganic material, it doesn’t support the growth of toxic mold, and it isn’t susceptible to moisture damage.
  • Concrete is an excellent choice for use with radiant floor heating systems.


The next time you’re looking for an interior flooring alternative, consider concrete.  Shades of Color specializes in the installation of a variety of interior and exterior decorative concrete finishes.  And check out the “Stains & Dyes” section in Product/Services at for more information on this specialty concrete coloring finish.