If you’re looking to dress up a plain slab of concrete or you’re dealing with surface imperfections in an existing slab, consider a decorative concrete overlay. Why? It’s cheaper than removal and replacement of your existing concrete, and overlays can be applied to both interior and exterior concrete slabs. Overlays adhere to existing concrete, provide protection from damage to the surface of your concrete slab and, with proper installation and maintenance, will last for many years. There are many options available for achieving any looking imaginable, and overlays can be applied in many textures, colors, and patterns.

There are several types of overlays:

  • Microtoppings and skim coats
  • Spray down toppings
  • Stamped concrete overlays
  • Epoxy coatings
  • Polishable overlays
  • Self-leveling overlays


Check out the comparison chart of overlay systems at www.concretenetwork.com/fix-concrete-repair/overlay-systems.html for more information. Our website, www.pcshadesofcolor.com, has additional information as well as photos of some of our completed decorative concrete overlay projects in and around the Denver metro area.

Not all existing concrete can be resurfaced with an overlay. If your concrete slab has sunk or is heaving, or there are deep cracks throughout the slab, a concrete overlay is not an option. In this case, your only recourse is to tear out the existing slab and replace it with new concrete. Also, resurfacing a concrete slab with an overlay does not solve underlying soil problems – get the advice of a local soils engineer if your slab has experienced significant movement or the surrounding soil appears unstable.