Paint colors not only reflect our personal style, they also make a statement about a room. If you’re trying to create a specific theme for your room, consider the following color families to guide you.

Reds … are associated with emotion and are preferred by people on the go. Think “exciting”, “daring”, “passionate”, “dynamic”.

Blues … bring to mind the sky and water.  Consider blues for a calm, tranquil, refreshing feel for a room.

Oranges … are associated with energy and adventure, and (surprise! surprise!) are preferred by adolescents. But that doesn’t mean you can’t consider oranges for adult rooms, especially if you’re looking for a warm and vibrant look.

Yellows … nothing beats “warm” and “cheery” like yellow, which is the warmest color. Yellows bring to mind sunshine, optimism, happiness, creativity … no wonder it’s the first color kids reach for!

Greens … this family of color immediately evokes nature, vitality, freshness, healing and revitalizing … need I say more?

Whites … a lot of people consider white to be a boring color and nothing could be farther from the truth. White paint can impart a wide range of themes – from purity and calm to modern and neat, from clean and fresh to cutting edge contemporary. White paint will always be popular and it never goes out of style!