For a fresh, clean and updated look, many homeowners are choosing to stain their concrete floors instead of opting for traditional floor coverings like carpet, tile, vinyl or hardwood. The advantages to finished concrete floors are many:

  • Finished concrete floors require minimal care – some dusting or damp mopping and you’re good to go.
  • And for the long-term, maintenance is also minimal. After years of normal wear and tear, the surface can be brought back to life with periodic waxing, or some stain touch-up and a fresh coat of sealer.
  • Concrete can’t be damaged by water or mold.
  • Concrete can’t be torn or easily gouged.
  • Concrete floors are an excellent allergy free alternative to carpeting.
  • Concrete and concrete finishes last for years and years and years!


You also have a choice in how the finished product will look – concrete slabs can be finished to look like natural stone, polished marble, leather, or even stained wood.  And why spend money to add another layer of flooring when your existing concrete floor can have a dramatic, rich, unique, and long-lasting finish.

Check out “Stained Concrete Versus Other Flooring Materials” at  where stained concrete floors are directly compared with other flooring options in a number of categories, including cost per square foot. Bottom line: stained concrete offers a number of advantages that these other floor coverings can’t match!