Just as any other industry, decorative concrete and concrete coatings are always subject to updated technology and new and exciting products.  Staying on top of industry advances and being educated in new processes and applications is extremely important to us at Shades of Color.  We are committed to offering you the best options for your concrete projects and needs.

The concrete coatings industry consists of many manufacturers, equipment and product lines … and with this, comes just as many support resources, problem solvers, and concrete professionals to learn from.  Shades of Color’s employees and subcontractors regularly attend training sessions conducted by vendors and product manufacturers.  Whether it is a product we know well, or one we are interested in trying, our staff attends several of these training sessions every year.

We look forward every year to attending the Colorado Concrete Expo in Denver, which is sponsored by Bobcat of the Rockies Concrete Equipment and Supply Division.  Not only is the Expo a wonderful opportunity to fine tune our application skills, but it also enables us to connect with product and equipment manufacturers as well as other installers in the Denver Metro Area.  Shades of Color employees have also attended the World of Concrete, the world’s largest annual international trade show and education forum for concrete and masonry professionals.  We make it a top priority to learn about new products and equipment coming on line, where they work best, as well as their compatibility for an overall successful coating or restorative system.

Don’t know what product is best for your concrete needs?  Please reach out to us … we’re happy to talk with you about your project and provide you with solutions for your concrete coating needs.