Spring is fast approaching and handling home maintenance tasks is probably one of the last things you want to do with warmer weather just around the corner.  Regularly scheduled maintenance truly is a “must do” and absolutely will add to a home’s beauty and longevity.  Now is the time to walk around your home and take a look at winter’s damage.

How do you determine if it’s time for a repaint?

  • Painted surfaces are faded, chalking, or discolored.
  • There are cracks and/or peeling paint on your painted surfaces.  Worse yet, there’s raw wood showing through.  Pay particular attention to horizontal surfaces where ice and snow lie.
  • Your caulking has deteriorated, or there are cracks, holes, or gaps in the caulking at joints (jambs, windows, etc.)
  • Your garage doors show signs of wear and tear, and the door edges are worn or peeling.
  • Does your front door embarrass you?  Enough said … it’s time to return it to “Wow!” status.


Picking colors – where do you start?

  • Choose a color scheme that blends with the homes in your neighborhood and is also compatible with your next door neighbors’ houses.
  • Take into account the colors in other elements of your home, like your roofing materials, brick, stone facade, etc.  The flecks of color that go into making their dominant color are excellent candidates for siding and trim color choices.
  • White or light colors make a house appear larger and reflect the sun’s light and heat.
  • Dark colors can make a home look smaller, and the sun’s UV rays will fade them quicker … which means you’ll be repainting sooner!
  • Visit your local paint store and home improvement centers to check out their exterior paint color schemes which incorporate the latest in color trends and design.


And you can always ask your painting contractor’s opinion – we’re here to help you pick colors, too.  You can bet we’ve seen every imaginable color combination there is, and we’re as vested as you are in making your home look beautiful!


How do you go about getting a bid and scheduling the work?

Getting a bid from us is easy – call us at 303-840-0143, email us at shadesofcolor@msn.com, or select the “Contact” tab on our website and complete the requested information.

Given Colorado’s semi-arid climate, painters can paint exteriors year around as long as outside temperatures don’t dip below the mid-40’s in the daytime and through the night.  If it’s time for a repaint and you would like it completed before your landscaping begins its spring growth spurt, the time to get a painting bid is NOW!  If you’re not in a hurry and can wait until mid to late summer or fall, get in touch with us any time to schedule a painting bid – we can get your repaint scheduled almost any time before winter officially begins.

Happy Spring!