If it’s time to paint your home’s exterior and you’re dreading the task of picking colors, here are some thoughts on the topic:

  • Choose a color scheme that is compatible with the homes in your neighborhood, and also blends well with your next door neighbors’ homes.  You don’t want to be the owner of the house with the paint job that causes people to comment, “What were they thinking!?!”
  • White or light colors make a house appear larger and reflect the sun’s light and heat.  Dark colors can make a house look smaller, and the sun’s UV rays will fade them quicker … which means you’ll be repainting sooner!
  • Consider the colors in other elements of your home, like your roofing materials, brick, stone facade, etc.  The flecks of color that go into making their dominant color are excellent candidates for siding and trim color choices.
  • A new trend for shutter colors is a more monochromatic scheme rather than the traditional green, red, or black.  So, if your home has shutters, consider painting them a shade slightly darker than your siding or stucco color.  If you have a lot of stone on your exterior, match your shutter color to the stone’s dominant color.
  • Painting your front door a contrasting accent color is an opportunity to give a dramatic and artistic flair to your home’s exterior.
  • Home improvement and paint stores have put together a variety of exterior paint color schemes for you to consider.  These samples incorporate the latest in color trends, and they’re free so you can take them home to see how they look.

And you can always ask your painting contractor’s opinion – we’re here to help you pick colors, too.  You can bet we’ve seen every imaginable color combination there is, and we’re as vested as you are in making your home beautiful!