If you’re looking for a great option that adds a layer of protection to your concrete and dresses it up at the same time, consider concrete stains.  A concrete stain bonds to the concrete and forms a tough shield so it doesn’t fade, peel, or flake.  A bonus of solid concrete stains is that they can make ugly concrete look brand new by covering existing stains, discolorations, blotchy concrete, etc. and leaving a natural-looking finish.  In addition, concrete stains:

  • can be used on new or used concrete.
  • are resistant to acids, UV rays, oil, gas, and alkali.
  • provide a mildew resistant coating.
  • can be used on interior and exterior concrete.
  • are available in a variety of ready-to-use and tinatable colors.


If you’re having problems with your concrete, such as spalling, pitting, flaking or cracking, don’t ignore it … it will only get worse.  Instead, consider a decorative concrete overlay as a solution.  What if your concrete is just plain ugly and you want to freshen your home’s appearance?  A decorative overlay will renew the concrete surfaces around your home and, with proper installation and maintenance, will last for many years.  Concrete overlays:

  • are cheaper than removal and replacement of your existing concrete.
  • can be applied to both interior and exterior concrete slabs.
  • adhere to existing concrete providing protection from damage to the surface of your concrete slab.
  • can be applied in many textures, colors, and patterns.