Do you have problem concrete?  Is it deteriorating … spalling?  Is the aggregate exposed?  You don’t have to tear it out! We have successfully completed hundreds of concrete resurfacing jobs and, with the exception of one or two, none of the concrete needed to be replaced.  The average cost to tear out and replace concrete is around $5.50 to $6.00 per square foot in the Metro Denver Area (up to $9 to $10 per square foot in other parts of the country).  And, the process of tear out and replacement can be destructive to your landscaping adding more expense and inconvenience.  Where does the concrete go once it’s removed from your home?  Some of it gets recycled, but most of it goes to your local landfill.


  • “An estimated 25 billion tonnes (one metric tonne = 2,205 pounds) of concrete are manufactured globally each year, but a huge 900 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste – of which between 20 and 80 percent comprises concrete – is created annually in Europe, the US and Japan alone, primarily as a result of demolishing buildings.”
  • “Construction material recycling is critical to the reduction of the total quantity of the waste stream.  In areas where construction is brisk, the impact on local landfills and other solid waste facilities is major.  Percentages of total solid waste in the landfill vary from 15% on the low side to 30% or higher in communities that are growing or rehabbing quickly.”
  • “The heaviest waste stream from the depot (Anniston Army Depot, Alabama) was concrete containing re-bar or wire mesh.”  “Concrete is by far the largest item by weight we see from C&D (construction and demolition) projects,” said DRK environmental engineer Robert Jones.


Homeowners today have many options to repair problem concrete.  Replacing it is certainly one of them.  However, before you consider that drastic measure, give us a call for other solutions.  And check out our Products/Services page at for more information.


Don’t ignore your problem concrete – it will only get worse.