We refer to it on our website and all of our advertising materials as “polyaspartic” because that’s the technical name of this amazing system. You probably have seen examples of it and have heard it referred to as “epoxy”, even though it technically isn’t an epoxy. Polyaspartic systems are a new generation of industrial strength coating materials available to today’s homeowners for protecting and decorating their homes’ concrete surfaces.

A polyaspartic coating system has many advantages:

  • It cures fast – you can be driving on your garage floor 24 hours after installation.
  • It can be installed at temperatures as low as -30F and as high as 140F, which means you don’t have to wait until mild or warmer weather to have a new garage floor.
  • Normally, this system can be installed in a day; adverse weather conditions may carry it into a second day.
  • It is high impact, chemical, and abrasion resistant. Your concrete is protected from mild acids, too.
  • It hides minor imperfections in the concrete slab.
  • It has excellent color and gloss retention characteristics and  is available in many colors.
  • When cured, polyaspartic systems can tolerate temperatures as high as 300 degrees F.
  • Polyaspartic coating systems take durablity to a whole new level!

And the best part – a polyaspartic system upgrades the look of your floor and the finish is so easy to keep clean and maintain! Polyasparatic coating systems can also be installed on other interior concrete floors in your home such as basement floors, bathrooms, laundry rooms, man caves, etc.

Finishing or restoring your garage floor with a polyaspartic system will enhance and protect it for many years. The polyaspartic system can also be applied to your garage stem walls (the concrete border at the perimeter of your garage) to give your garage a complete, clean, and finished look.  Add a coat of crisp white paint to your garage walls and ceiling and you will have a garage that is easy to maintain and car storage you can be proud of!

For more information about polyaspartic systems from Golden, Colorado based HP Spartacote, the manufacturer of the products we use for our installations, please visit:  www.hpspartacote.com/polyaspartic-coating-systems/sparta-chip/.  Please go to our website  www.pcshadesofcolor.com/productsservices/epoxies/ for additional general information about polyaspartic systems and epoxies.