Concrete Finishing

Finishing Concrete Floors with Microtoppings

Concrete Microtoppings and OverlaysAnother great option for finishing concrete floors are microtoppings and thin surface overlays, which are polymer modified cementitious coatings designed for concrete surface coloring and texturing when only a thin paint-like coating is needed.  These are great for finishing concrete floors. These thin overlays typically maintain the existing texture – smooth or rough.

Thin overlays are generally applied to surfaces where all repairs have been made and the ultimate texture has already been achieved.  Applied paper thin, micro and thin surface overlays are primarily used to even out color and/or provide a one-color palette from which to work in other coloring and finishing techniques such as staining, dyeing, etc.  They help to hide minor surface imperfections such as those from repairs and discolorations.  These finishes can also be used to provide a very smooth surface if so desired.

Typical applications are for interior smooth finished flooring or re-coloring exterior concrete surfaces that are in good condition.

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