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Epoxies for Garage Floor Restoration & Commercial Applications

Epoxies Concrete SealersEpoxies for Garage Floor Restoration

Basements and garage floors can take a beating!  Epoxies are a great option for basement or garage floor restoration.  Both water based and solvent based epoxy systems exist, each with distinctive properties and advantages depending on the purpose of the application.

Epoxy coatings come in clear as well as a wide variety of colors, and offer excellent protection and chemical and impact resistance.  They are a two-part mixture, including a catalyst or hardener, which offer superior adhesion and durability.

Epoxies are typically used as a complete flooring system with various components for coating and protecting garage floors, basement floors, warehouse, commercial and industrial floors, or as top coats to seal and protect other concrete textured finishes.

Polyasparatic Systems for Garage Floors and Commercial Applications

Polyaspartic Systems Garage Floors & Commercial UsesPolyaspartic systems are a new generation of polyurea coatings with fast curing capabilities.  A polyaspartic system is ideal for residential garage floors, and is also recommended for commercial flooring applications such as warehouses, restaurants and kitchens, retail stores, health clubs, parking garages, locker rooms, etc.

Once installed on a properly prepared surface, a polyaspartic system provides impact and wear and heat resistance, and is a great solutionPolyaspartic Systems Garage Floors for high foot and vehicular traffic areas which are subject to climate extremes and other environmental conditions.

Polyaspartic systems are available in solid color, light or full broadcast quartz-chip systems, and will enhance, protect, and beautify the floors upon which they are installed.  They can be installed at any temperature and offer the additional benefit of “return to full service” within 24 hours of application.

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