Stains & Dyes

Acid Washed Concrete, Concrete Dyes, and Concrete Stains

Acid waConcrete Stains and Dyesshed concrete stains enhance new and old concrete by creating a mottled and variegated translucent coloring to the existing surface.  Acid stains penetrate into the concrete and create the variegated colors by reacting to the minerals in the concrete.  Each concrete slab is unique and different depending on its composition, the quarry the aggregate comes from, etc., so each slab will react and color differently even using the same stain. Acid stains penetrate into the concrete much the same as wood stains when applied to wood and, therefore, will wear only as the concrete wears.

Dyes are a topical coloring for concrete and more easy to control than acid stains.  They come in a wider variety of colors including much brighter and more vibrant colors.  They are more appropriate for interior finishes and where accents and highlights are desired.

Stains and Dyes for ConcreteConcrete stains are used most often to provide consistent color to faded, worn, and otherwise discolored concrete surfaces.  These stains also penetrate into the pores of the concrete like acid stains and, therefore, wear with the concrete itself.  They are easy to maintain, provide some sealing qualities, and the color can be changed from the original with subsequent applications.

Acid stains, dyes, and concrete stains are ultimately used for coloring only and must additionally be sealed to provide the maximum in protection and longevity.  Within each category, colors can be intermixed, blended together, or applied separately to achieve spectacular color effects.

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