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Quality Painting Services

Shades of Color provides quality painting with exceptional customer service at competitive prices.  We will complete your painting project to your satisfaction on time and on budget.  Read More.. Painting Contractors.

Custom Decorative and Protective Concrete Finishes

Shades of Color transforms ordinary concrete into low maintenance, high-performing surfaces.  Decorative concrete coatings and overlays are affordable and long-lasting hard surface solutions for deteriorated or spalled concrete.  Read More… Concrete Services

Commercial and Retail Applications

Shades of Color has color and coating solutions that are specifically designed for the demands of high traffic and commercial areas.  We offer durable and low-maintenance alternatives to conventional surface coverings such as linoleum, tile, and carpet. Read More.. Commercial and Retail Floor Finishes


7/30/15  Paint Recycling and PaintCare, Inc.

Until this year, the only resource available to homeowners for getting rid of leftover paint was to wait for the periodic government sponsored neighborhood hazardous waste “round-ups”.  Now Coloradoans have access to year around paint drop off locations where old and leftover paints can be recycled or disposed of at no charge to the consumer. […]


6/29/15  Color Ideas for Painting Your Home’s Exterior

If it’s time to paint the exterior of your home and you shudder at the idea of having to pick colors, here are some suggestions that might help: Choose a color scheme that blends with the homes in your neighborhood and is also compatible with your next door neighbors’ houses. White or lighter colors make […]


5/29/15  Color Inspiration

Paint colors not only reflect our personal style, they also make a statement about a room. If you’re trying to create a specific theme for your room, consider the following color families to guide you. Reds … are associated with emotion and are preferred by people on the go. Think “exciting”, “daring”, “passionate”, “dynamic”. Blues […]


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