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Quality Painting Services

Shades of Color provides quality painting with exceptional customer service at competitive prices.  We will complete your painting project to your satisfaction on time and on budget.  Read More.. Painting Contractors.

Custom Decorative and Protective Concrete Finishes

Shades of Color transforms ordinary concrete into low maintenance, high-performing surfaces.  Decorative concrete coatings and overlays are affordable and long-lasting hard surface solutions for deteriorated or spalled concrete.  Read More… Concrete Services

Commercial and Retail Applications

Shades of Color has color and coating solutions that are specifically designed for the demands of high traffic and commercial areas.  We offer durable and low-maintenance alternatives to conventional surface coverings such as linoleum, tile, and carpet. Read More.. Comercial and Retail Floor Finishes


4/30/15  Concrete Overlays

If you’re looking to dress up a plain slab of concrete or you’re dealing with surface imperfections in an existing slab, consider a decorative concrete overlay. Why? It’s cheaper than removal and replacement of your existing concrete, and overlays can be applied to both interior and exterior concrete slabs. Overlays adhere to existing concrete, provide […]


3/30/15  Regional Colors

Have you ever noticed how geographic regions in our country can bring to mind a specific color palette? Regional colors are influenced by a number of factors, and certainly Mother Nature is a big one. Architecture, the people who live in the area, and the surrounding environment are also big contributors to a region’s color […]


2/23/15  How Important is Prep Work?

In a word … EXTREMELY!  In a painting and decorative concrete business like Shades of Color, we take prep work very seriously. We apply coatings to substrates – an overlay or micro-topping on concrete, paint on wood or drywall, for example. And if those substrates aren’t prepared properly, the coatings cannot be expected to last. Bob […]


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